About me

Ricardo Treviño Chapa

Tax Administration Service | SAT
Ministry of Finance and Public Credit | SHCP, Mexico

Ricardo Treviño has a Bachelor degree in Financial Administration/Business from the Tecnológico de Monterrey, a Master’s degree in Global Banking and Finance from the University of Birmingham, UK, and studies in Strategic Management in Public Administration at ITAM. He is a PhD candidate by Universidad Anahuac.

With over fifteen years of career in the public sector, he has served at the Institute for Protection of Bank Savings in areas such as processes improvement, analysis of financial support and asset management.

He served as General Director for Revenue Collection at the State of Mexico’s Government. He also worked as General Director of the Social Security Institute of the State of Mexico, where he led the latest reform to strengthen the Institute’s revenue collection.

In the Tax Administration Service, he was appointed as Administrator General of Evaluation and Internal Affairs, where he was responsible for developing actions to prevent and combat corruption, as well as strengthening transparency. From this position, he led several operatives to increase the efficiency of the customs administration and redesigned several customs processes through the intensive use of technology, many of which are currently on implementation.

In 2015 he was appointed by the President Enrique Peña Nieto and ratified by the Senate as Head of Customs, position he holds ever since.

During his tenure in office, Mr. Treviño has promoted the most important transformation of the Mexican customs in history. The new Customs Technological Integration Project aiming to facilitate and expedite the processes of entry and exit of goods will automate the cargo customs clearance, creating a human contact less and paperless customs. Also, he has devoted significant resources to strengthen the risk models increasing alert efectiveness from an 8% to 31.8%.

The new strategy implemented by Mr. Treviño has also generated a significant impact in revenue collection. In 2015 the customs revenue collection almost doubled in comparison to 2014, and by 2016 the revenue collection increased by 14% compared to the previous year.