World class governance

The WCO should ensure that the decision-making process and the process by which decisions are implemented within the Secretariat, as well as in the WCO as a whole, meet the highest standards and Members’ expectations, particularly with regard to:


Promotes an inspiring vision of modern Customs, motivating its Members to engage with that vision and actively contribute to the Organization’s work and to the implementation of its standards.


Activities are conducted in a transparent manner, following the applicable rules and regulations. Information must be complete, easily available and understandable to the Members.


A global organization requires effective mediation of interests, aiming to reach a broad consensus in the best interest of the international Customs community as a whole.


Enhances effective participation from all Members in the decision-making process and ensures an inclusive approach in the development / implementation of its programmes.


The Secretariat assists and provides all the necessary information and tools to the Members to enhance better-informed decisions in all different aspects, including technical, administrative and financial issues.


Make the best use of resources to produce tangible results to address global challenges and to meet Members’ expectations in a timely manner.


Enhances accountability to the Members and other stakeholders, including donors, private sector and international organizations, as the case may be.