Implementing an innovation strategy in WCO; responding to disruptive events

Innovation is how organisations develop solutions to meet new challenges. The task involves recombining existing and new elements and capabilities to serve a new objective, frequently in new and evolving contexts.

While recognising and acknowledging the work done by the World Customs Organization (WCO) in setting international standards, fostering international cooperation, and delivering capacity building, this article argues that new contexts and new opportunities frequently arise from crisis scenarios.

The context for international organisations has been evolving in recent years, and COVID-19 could be an accelerator of these changes. The WCO, like many other international organisations, faces new challenges in an environment of uncertainty, and the way to stay relevant is through innovation.

This article proposes a set of practical tools and steps towards implementing innovation processes in the WCO that can result in the creation of value for its Members and the Secretariat.

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